2018 Week 4: Thursday

Today was our final day of tracks and we had a blast! Some favorite tracks of the day were singing songs, hiking, canoeing, and one that was definitely the staff’s favorite is campers washed their cars! How awesome! Campers did crafts, went to the pool and had a great day today. After dinner, everyone gathered to start our Music, Arts, and Drama all-camp/campfire and worship. Campers had to sing songs with certain words, draw bible stories in chalk and perform a grab bag skit at campfire and boy were they silly! After campfire and worship, it was off to snack and then get ready for bed.

Campers depart tomorrow after dinner. It’s sad to see them go be we know they had a blast and hope to see them again soon. Our Senior High X-Teen 10 Day campers who came to camp on Wednesday get to stay all the way to next Friday!

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2018 Week 4: Tuesday and Wednesday

Tuesday: Everyone came to breakfast prepared to take on some more tracks after they ate. Mountain Adventure did some more ropes course, water adventure went on a creek hike, and Music, Arts, and Drama did some super cool crafts with clay. After they finished them, it was time for lunch. We ate, and then headed to the pool before preparing to go on our overnights. The Juniors went to blacksnake and the Intermediates went up to Turkey Feeder. Campers had the opporitunity to make grilled cheese mountain pies for dinner. S’mores were the snack of the night and every camper loves a good S’more! Shortly after it was time for bed.

Wednesday: Campers woke up at their overnight sites and had to pack up all of their belongings to hike back to camp. Once back, they all got showered and headed up to the Evergreen Center for a delicious brunch. Pastor MarthaSue led campers in an all camp grow time right after. Electives followed afterwards where campers got to choose what they wanted to do for the three hours. Some of the activities were pool, crafts, nature hike, fire building, camel news, and disc golf. For dinner we had some delicious BBQ chicken and scalloped potatoes with vegetables. Our Mountain Adventure Olympics were held after dinner and campers had a blast! Snack followed after, and then campers showered before bed.

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2018 Week 4: Monday

Campers came to breakfast prepared for their individual tracks. Once finished with breakfast the Mountain Adventure group headed to the ropes course. Music, Arts, and Drama did some skits and sang songs. Water adventure got to go to the pond and fish. They caught 2 fish! How cool!? We all gathered afterward for lunch. When we finished lunch we all got to go back with our track groups and did some more fun activities! Mountain Adventure learned to build a fire and had the chance to make delicious s’more banana boats in a cone! Yum! The Music, Arts, and Drama learned more about skits and songs. Water Adventure got the chance to canoe out on the pond. After everyone finished their tracks, we all went swimming! Dinner followed after and then….. THE WATER OLYMPICS!!! Each person was put into a team for the Olympics at the pool. Today campers and staff competed against each other in the following categories: Carrying of the Torch Relay, Ball between the Legs Relay, Biggest Splash, Doggie Paddle Relay, Water Polo Shoot-Out, Synchronized Swimming, and Human Ring Toss. By the time we finished, it was time for snack and then get ready for bed. The campers HAVE to be tired.

Tomorrow we set out for our overnights and some more exciting tracks! Hopefully the rain holds off and we can have a wonderful time!

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2018 Week 4: Sunday

Today we welcomed our Junior and Intermediate Tracks to camp! Tracks is a new thing this summer where kids could choose between mountain adventure; music, arts, and drama; water adventure; or a cool collection of all three! After having some wonderful spaghetti, we went to the pond for a fishing/wet themed campfire/worship where some of the counselors were soaked! After campfire, campers got to come back to the Evergreen Center for Sunday Sundaes! Yum! Once finished, an all-camp game of Ga-Ga Ball began and everyone had a blast.

Tomorrow we look forward to seeing what kind of tracks everyone will be doing and what activities will take place as well! It’s looking to be a fun-filled day!

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2018 Week 3: Wednesday

As we celebrate America’s independence today, Family Camp at Mount Luther wraps up and our staff get some independence until Sunday.  Read all about this week in our Camel Tracks newsletter:  https://www.campmountluther.org/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/2018-Week-3-Camel-Tracks.pdf

And, because of an error, last week’s Camel Tracks was not posted.  You can read that here:  https://www.campmountluther.org/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/2018-Week-2-Camel-Tracks.pdf

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2018 Week 3: Tuesday

Today our families and campers came up to breakfast prepared for a game of Family Feud to follow after. The questions were answered by the staff so the families had to think like the staff in order to win! After a wonderful round of Family Feud, our canoe campers set out to Walker Lake to canoe for the afternoon. Toni packed them lunches and they braved the heat and had an excellent time! When they returned electives had already started but they got to hop in on some. For dinner, we had not only our family campers but the staff also invited their families for dinner! We had a packed house! Since it was recently camp’s birthday, campfire tonight was special! There was a talent show put on by different families and a lovely worship. There was a special guest who we love so much here at camp named Kj Reimensnyder-Wagner! She sang songs throughout campfire and even stuck around after to sing some more songs. How cool! Sadly tomorrow is the last day of family camp but we’re having brunch and it’s July 4th! Woohoo!

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2018 Week 3: Sunday/Monday

Sunday: We welcomed so many wonderful families and some campers who are going to be going on a canoe trip this week to camp. We got to see some familiar faces and some new ones (which is always great to see)! Counselor Tori Callahan got to celebrate her birthday with us too! It was a very warm day so as families and campers arrived they were invited to take a swim before dinner. After dinner, we had a pool noodle campfire with fans plugged in at the pavilion to cut away some heat because it was HOT! To help cool down we had Sunday Sundaes and then swam some more before bed.

Monday: As everyone made their way up for breakfast they had on specific colored T-shirts for their family teams to do an all-camp activity after breakfast. The colors were Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple. We split up for a scavenger hunt and came back to the Evergreen Center to find it a giant rainbow room with rainbow sherbert! Yum! The pieces we found from the scavenger hunt made a rainbow and then we made a human rainbow for our group photo. How cool! After lunch, we had various electives to do but because of the heat, many people resorted to the pool. Some campers did indoor games and some braved the heat and went out to the pond to canoe and fish. They even caught some fish! As we were eating some of Toni’s delicious meatloaf is started storming outside and it finally started to cool down! Phew! We also have another birthday today and it was counselor Maddie Hunt’s! Two birthday’s in a row! We had a wonderful worship on the back porch of the Evergreen Center before everyone winded down the night with snacks and board games.

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