2018 Week 5: Friday

It’s been a busy, but wonderful week at camp with some great activities, picture-perfect weather, and fun for all ages.  Read all about it in this week’s Camel Tracks available at: https://www.campmountluther.org/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/2018-Week-5-Camel-Tracks.pdf

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2018 Week 5: Thursday

Merry Christmas! Campers woke up and came to breakfast this morning to find it decorated for Christmas. We enjoyed some French Toast and Sausage. After breakfast, all of the campers went out and played some cool games. Intermediates went to the Ropes Course and did some of the elements there. Soon enough it was time to eat lunch. Once everyone was finished lunch campers went to the pool and the C.L.A.W.S. campers did electives. Some got to build Lego sets, others sewed/made stools, there were crafts and lastly, the wild sport was Disc Golf and Nukem Ball. They all loved it! Afterward, the C.L.A.W.S. campers joined everyone else at the pool. Dinner came shortly after and then a super cool superhero themed all-camp. Campers (superheroes) had to catch the Program Staff (Villains) and bring them to justice. Everyone loved it. Campfire and Worship followed shortly after. When we all came back for snack everyone got a gift with snack since it was Christmas! Campers got ready for bed and they are calling for some snowfall tonight so we get an extra hour of sleep! Woohoo!

We’re looking forward to all the fun but are also sad to see all of our campers go. It’s hard to believe some of the Senior High campers came 9 days ago! Time really does fly by when you’re having fun!

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2018 Week 5: Wednesday

All of our campers slept out last night and hiked back this morning. We all got together for brunch here with Krislund. Wesley Forest joined us after brunch for our 3 hours of electives. Some of the options were Pool, Crafts, Gap Hike, Wild Sports (led by Wesley Forest), Broom Hockey, Disc Golf, Lego’s and Balloon Animals. After electives, Pastor Andy Weaver led the campers in an all-camp grow time where we learned about the Fiery Furnace and Daniel in the Lion’s Den. For dinner, X-Teen campers had a fancy dinner for themselves which was super cool! C.L.A.W.S. campers watched a Lego movie while X-Teen sang songs and Pioneers played games so they could pass the time before snack. After everyone got their snack’s it was time to get showered and head to bed.

It seems like the week just started but we’re having so much fun! Tomorrow is Christmas in July so we’re excited to see what it’s like! It’s looking to be a fun day.

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2018 Week 5: Tuesday

We started off our day with some delicious Croissant Sandwiches and Hashbrowns for breakfast. Yum! After some activities, Wesley Forest and Krislund joined us for our C.L.A.W.S. electives. The electives were Crafts, Lego’s, Sewing some cool stool’s other kids made yesterday, balloon animals with Pastor Andrew Weaver, and our Wild Sport was extreme Ga-Ga Ball in the rain and then some sort of dodgeball led by Krislund. We had lunch after electives and then started our second section of electives. All of the same electives were offered except the wild sport was extreme kickball and an extreme frisbee game. After Wesley Forest and Krislund left our Day Campers left shortly after. All of the Pioneers, Juniors, Intermediates, and X-Teen Campers set out for their overnights. Our Mini-Pioneers left after eating dinner and it was sad to see them go. Hopefully, they choose to come back for a full week next time! Pioneers had hot dogs and Mountain Pies while everyone else made foil packs. Everyone’s nights came to an end with S’mores and sitting around the campfire.

Tomorrow everyone gets to hike back and enjoy some brunch before 3 hours of crazy and fun electives! We’re looking forward to it!

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2018 Week 5: Monday

Today we all gathered for breakfast and our Day Campers came after we were all finished. We had some time for activities before our friends from Wesley Forest and Krislund arrived. Once they arrived, we started our C.L.A.W.S. electives. Crafts was free crafts, there was a backpacking stool sewing project, Lego’s, and our wild sport was Frizz-o-lay (basically dodgeball with frisbee’s). Campers had a blast at all of them! We had some delicious Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup for lunch. After lunch, we started our second section of electives which were all the same as before except the wild sport was Water Polo. Some of the Senior High campers joined us as well! There were so many campers which made it super cool! Wesley Forest and Krislund left after the electives were over but they will be back to join us again tomorrow! Most campers continued to swim and relax until dinner. After dinner groups played more games, some did crafts, and others went to the Pond. Before we knew it, it was time for snack and get ready for bed. Today flew by!

Tomorrow we welcome back our day campers and Wesley Forest and Krislund campers for more C.L.A.W.S. electives. Tomorrow night (if the rain holds off) we will go on an overnight and it’s going to be exciting! We can’t wait!

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2018 Week 5: Sunday

Our Senior High X-Teen Ten Day campers stayed over the weekend working on a service project at Blacksnake. New campers arrived today for our Mini Pioneer and Holiday Pioneer week. We also have C.L.A.W.S (Crafts, Legos, And Wild Sports) and the cool thing is that they are all ages! We have Pioneers, Juniors, Intermediates, and Senior High all on camp! How cool!? After dinner, we took our group photo’s and had campfire/worship at the pavilion because of the weather didn’t look too good. The rain did hold off, but we still had a great time. Sunday Sundae’s followed after and they were delicious! We had Vanilla and Buckeye (peanut butter and chocolate) ice cream with different toppings! Yum! Campers got ready for bed shortly after to prepare for an awesome, fun-filled day tomorrow.

Tomorrow our Pick-a-Day Campers can come for the day if they choose to. Joining us for C.L.A.W.S electives throughout the day will be our friends from Wesley Forest and Krislund! We’re excited to have them and share our camp with everyone!

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2018 Week 4: Friday

It’s been a fun and exciting week at camp this week as we had a new program “Tracks” and also welcomed our X-Teen Ten Day Campers.  Our week was filled with adventure, arts, and Olympics!  Read all about it in this week’s Camel Tracks, produced by our Camel News Patrol elective, here:  https://www.campmountluther.org/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/2018-Week-4-Camel-Tracks.pdf.

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