2019 Week 7: Monday

The first full day of camp for week seven was FULL of fun! Throughout the day, all groups learned about how generosity can transform communities, and the story heard was about the generous acts done by the apostles in the early church. All groups also began the day with team building activities to help them to get to know each other better as they form their own communities at camp this week.

Following pool time this afternoon there were a lot of exciting events happening! The juniors had a slip’n slide down a hill with an inner tube, the SURE campers built two shelters that they are sleeping in tonight, the classic and 10-day intermediates went canoeing, and the high adventure campers embarked on their rock climbing adventure! The campers should sleep well tonight after a long exciting day!

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2019 Week 7: Sunday

Today campers arrived for some exciting programs here at camp! We have our SURE campers who will be learning about surviving outside and exploring the outdoors. High adventure campers also arrived! They will be going on a trip where they will be able to do rock climbing and some other adventurous activities. We also received a group of intermediates some of whom are staying for 10 days!!! Finally, we got a great group of classic juniors who will also be spending the week here at CML.

Our campfire featured lots of fun skits, a story, songs, and some vegetable puns! We also learned about this week’s theme and how we can transform our communities back home. It looks like this is going to be another great week here at camp filled with adventure and fun!

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2019 Week 5: Friday

Crafts, Legos, Wild Sports, and Pick-A-Day Campers were the highlights of our week together.   A recap of the week’s events are included in this week’s Camel Tracks newsletter, which can be read here:


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2019 Week 5: Thursday

Today the theme was about how justice can transform communities. Campers acted out the story of the workers in the vineyard and thought about how they feel when things seem unfair. God’s justice is more than fair, it is generous, and the campers learned that all in the Kingdom of Heaven will experience the same love.

CLAWS activities wrapped up this afternoon as the junior and intermediate campers assembled their new Lego sets and completed their sewing projects. Pick-a-day campers once again enjoyed field games and the pool. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first lunar landing on July 20th, 2019, campfire and all-camp were outer space themed. Campers also viewed the footage of Neil and Buzz on the moon just as campers did on July 20th, 1969. They even had moon pies for snack!

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2019 Week 5: Wednesday

This morning our on-site groups arrived back from their overnight and began the day with brunch. The pick-a-day day-campers  and junior CLAWS campers both participated in nature scavenger hunt during nature time. The day-campers joined the whole camp for some traditional electives including Legos, yoga, and a wild sport called Treasure Chest with Wesley Forest. In between rain showers, many campers enjoyed the pool today, but when the storms rolled in, the campers at the pool took shelter and played some lawn games under the pavilion.

To wrap up the evening campers learned about transforming communities by being compassionate and some worshipped at our prayer labyrinth. They acted out a camp-themed Good Samaritan skit with pastor Ken and drew Good Samaritan comic strips with our intern.

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2019 Week 5: Tuesday

On Tuesday our CLAWS campers had another round of electives with our visitors for Wesley Forest. The Lego town continued construction, a wild viking lawn game was played, and wind chimes were made in crafts. The Pick-a-day day-campers once again enjoyed some time at the pool and the craft lodge.

During the evening while waiting for the storms to pass, both the intermediates and juniors had a cook-out at the pavilion, and then an all-camp game of four-corner dodgeball commenced. The night wrapped up with s’mores on the back porch of the evergreen center before we headed to an all-camp overnight at the adirondacks.

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2019 Week 5: Monday

The first full days of CLAWS week was wild!! CLAWS electives offered time to build a Lego village, to make a picture frame, or to play a wild game of Jack-in-the-box. The Pick-a-Day day-campers joined us this morning and campers from Wesley Forest joined us for electives. Following CLAWS electives, all campers enjoyed a refreshing swim in the pool and maybe some water polo too!

All campers practiced generosity in the nose-tape game at lunch and learn and drew things that they could generously give to others to transform community during first light. Now as the on-site campers are settling in for the night, we wrapped up snack time and the juniors could be seen playing a few rounds of gaga ball. It was a busy and exciting first full day at camp!

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