2018 Week 8: Sunday and Monday Morning

This week is a new experiment in our camp schedule, as we are closing out our summer camping season with a half week of Mini-Pioneers, Mini-Juniors, and our Tour de Crème bicycling adventure.  Plus, we have two days of “Pick-A-Day” Day Camp.  We are excited to welcome nearly 30 kids to camp this week!

We gathered on Sunday, and after supper and our group photo, we had a “mini” All-Camp Activity for dinner devotions where campers went around finding staff members, who had clues to fill in the story of Noah’s Ark.  We learned that God’s awesome love is a promise.  We continued to hear about Noah at campfire/worship, when we sang a song “Hey Hey Mon” which mentioned Noah.  One of our chaplains, Rue, talked about God’s awesome love through the story of the Transfiguration.  It was also a “messy campfire,” with staff having to eat and wear whipped cream during staff introductions, Noah and Zack having to wear eggs, and a mighty midgets skit that was, well, messy!  Campers were also recognized for how many years they have attended camp.

On Monday morning, most groups went to crafts, the Tour de Crème bikers went swimming, and the Pick-A-Days were seen playing volleyball.  Some staff put new wood chips on our path to Pine Village, too, which was quite muddy after the recent rains.

We’ll hopefully have another report later today and a wrap-up of our mini-week tomorrow!

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