2018 Week 7: Tuesday & Wednesday

Tuesday morning, we all got up and ready for a fun day with a twist at the end! Anyways, campers played games, did some crafts, went to the ropes course, and swam at the pool all morning/afternoon. The twist was because of the weather forecast did not look well, we were all going to stay at Christ United right down the street since the pastor there was here to support us this week! We drove down and ate pizza muffins for dinner! We got to play games, make smores, worship and even build a fire! Before we knew it, it was time for bed.

Wednesday morning we woke up and drove back to camp. Campers had pop-tarts and oranges to hold them off until breakfast. After brunch, Pastor Justin led an all-camp grow time with everyone and it was super fun! Afterward, campers had their choices of some super cool electives such as pool, crafts, archery, camel news, sidewalk chalk, sand volleyball, crazy dodgeball and many more! Dinner followed shortly after. After dinner, the S.U.R.E campers went to the pond to canoe while the night owls played games and went to go watch a movie. They continued to watch the movie during snack and then it was time for bed.

Tomorrow the S.U.R.E camper will go to Wesley Forest for a nature activity led by them and we have some cool night time activities planned for tomorrow as well. We’re excited and hope the rain holds off!

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