2018 Week 5: Thursday

Merry Christmas! Campers woke up and came to breakfast this morning to find it decorated for Christmas. We enjoyed some French Toast and Sausage. After breakfast, all of the campers went out and played some cool games. Intermediates went to the Ropes Course and did some of the elements there. Soon enough it was time to eat lunch. Once everyone was finished lunch campers went to the pool and the C.L.A.W.S. campers did electives. Some got to build Lego sets, others sewed/made stools, there were crafts and lastly, the wild sport was Disc Golf and Nukem Ball. They all loved it! Afterward, the C.L.A.W.S. campers joined everyone else at the pool. Dinner came shortly after and then a super cool superhero themed all-camp. Campers (superheroes) had to catch the Program Staff (Villains) and bring them to justice. Everyone loved it. Campfire and Worship followed shortly after. When we all came back for snack everyone got a gift with snack since it was Christmas! Campers got ready for bed and they are calling for some snowfall tonight so we get an extra hour of sleep! Woohoo!

We’re looking forward to all the fun but are also sad to see all of our campers go. It’s hard to believe some of the Senior High campers came 9 days ago! Time really does fly by when you’re having fun!

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