2017 Week 8: Tuesday & Wednesday

On Tuesday, we had a nontraditional overnight night, where instead of cooking out, we ate a normal dinner of tacos before heading out to our camping spots. In the morning, the Nature Detectives went on a camel hunt and saw five camels! The junior base camp played parachute games. For the overnight, the junior LOGIC used Peace of God, a campsite recently redone by X-teen. SURE used the shelter they built on Monday, while Nature Detectives went to the Adirondacks behind Pine Village!

Wednesday was a good day to sleep in, as everyone had to head inside early from the overnight due to an unforeseen storm. The unfortunate weather pattern continued as some electives had to be moved inside (sidewalk chalk survived, however–see the final product below). The evening was much nicer, which LOGIC spent canoeing and SURE spent raft-building, both at the pond. sidewalk chalk

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