2017 Week 2: Tuesday

It was a beautiful day at camp today- very pleasant with a nice breeze and low humidity.  The breeze was a nice addition as we talked about the Holy Spirit descending down when Jesus was baptized as we talked about how through baptism we belong to God as one of God’s children.  At First Light this morning, we played “telephone” and talked about how John, the Baptist, had a message to share.  At Lunch and Learn, we drew chalk drawings to remind us of this important Biblical story.

Our Day Campers were back today and did lots of fun things.  They had crafts, got to swim today (finally after missing out yesterday due to thunder) and played with the parachute.  The juniors played Gaga Ball.  The intermediates have been keeping busy, too.  They will be camping out tonight at the Turkey Feeder while pioneers are at the Bottom of the Field and juniors go to Blacksnake.

We also worked on the mystery today, eliminating more suspects and starting to figure out what food the Loch Ness Camel is being fed.  The kids are finding the clues around camp and are always on the lookout for a new development in the mystery.

Last we heard from our RRR campers last night, they were enjoying some biking but they did get some storms come through Ohiopyle.  They were scheduled to do some rafting today.

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