Sewer Upgrades This Spring

2017-03-30 17.05.46In November, the camp was notified by the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) that we needed to address some bad test results in regards to our sewage treatment.  Around the same time, a bear got into our sewage lagoon system and tore the liner in several places as well as chewed on the aeration system.

Over the past few months, we’ve been working with DEP and local engineers to make upgrades to the system to address these two issues.  Most of the work has been completed and the sewer will be up and running for the summer season.  The liner will be repaired, a new aeration system was installed, and a new decanting system was put into place to hopefully help the DEP test results.

Because this was an unplanned expense, and due to the high cost of repairs, the camp board voted to take out a loan (for five years) to cover the expense.  The loan is for $125,000.  It is estimated that the repairs will total at least $100,000.

The camp’s development consultants are working on a plan to repay that loan within a year through a special gifts appeal.  If you would like to provide seed money to help us get that started, please send a donation to Camp Mount Luther and designate it for the “sewer project.”

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