Council Retreat Sets Tone

In late February 2017, members of the congregation council at Trinity Lutheran, Danville, came to Mount Luther for a one-day retreat.  Their pastor, Trevor Hahn, wanted to give the group a day to work on putting the past behind them and plan for the future.  He felt it would be good to take the group to a neutral location, away from their church.

The group arrived at camp around 10:00 a.m. and spent the morning working on healing and talking about the past.  They had lunch together, serving each other sandwiches and fruit and vegetables.

After lunch, Camp Mount Luther Director Chad Hershberger led the council in a discussion on HOT Communications.  HOT Communications is the technique that the camp summer staff uses to communicate in healthy ways and resolve conflict.

Pastor Hahn reports that the day was well received and the council has started to put into practice the things they learned during the retreat.  If your congregation council could use a day away to deal with issues or spend time educating their members on important topics, contact the camp office.  We can help you schedule a retreat similar to the one Trinity, Danville, engaged in and can also possibly help with the program.

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