2016 Week 8: Sunday

We started our final week of the 2016 summer season today, welcoming our Base Campers.  They do not go on an overnight camping trip this week.  We also have the Setabaid Diabetic Camp here this week.  Camp Mount Luther’s campers are in Pine Village and Setabaid has Maple Village with all of us eating in the Evergreen Center.

After a spaghetti supper, we took our group photo and head to the first stop for our campfire/worship.  Because of weather, we moved three times!  We started at the Amphitheatre and tonight’s campfire was a messy one, with staff introductions being “Eat It Or Wear It” and a lot of messy skits were done, too.  The wind began to pick up and we heard some thunder, so we went to the pavilion and recognized our first time campers and sang two songs.  We got word of a severe thunderstorm warning so we headed to Evergreen, arriving just before the downpours.  We finished worship there and then had our traditional Sunday Sundaes.

We are thankful for the rain that is watering our earth right now.  It’s been a dry summer and we are grateful that the ground is getting some nourishment.

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