2016 Week 3: Wednesday

This is Chad Hershberger, Camp Mount Luther Director, reporting to you for our daily blog recap.  It’s been a beautiful, sunny, perfect kind of summer day here at Mount Luther.  When I drove into camp this morning, I parked my car and saw our Intermediate CLAWS boys just getting up after their sleepout in the field last night.  The Junior CLAWS campers slept out at Blacksnake and the Guppies and Minnows were at the Bottom of the Field.  It was a great night for overnights after some rain came through mid-afternoon yesterday.

We had a good GROW Time with our chaplain, Sherry Bingaman, taking part in a scavenger hunt and talking about how Jesus Meets Us on the Cross.  After our scavenger hunt, we met at the Amphitheatre under the large 18-foot cross to remind us how Jesus crosses boundaries because of the work done on the cross.

It was Elective Afternoon today with pool, crafts, Camel News Patrol, German Bat Ball, Bocce Ball, and Frizolay.  Following electives, we had a Wild Sports All-Camp Activity, playing three games:  Jack in the Box, Ultimate Frisbee, and Four Corners.

Cabin groups will be spending time together tonight.  The CLAWS campers are going to watch the LEGO Movie after supper.

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