2016 Week 2: Wednesday

It’s our traditional Wednesday at camp today.  Campers were treated to brunch this morning after their return from their overnight at the Turkey Feeder.  Following brunch, we had GROW Time with Pastor Paul, who told us about how Jesus meets us on the cross.  We went to the Chapel of the Holy Spirit and looked for crosses along the way.  We also sang some songs and talked about how we would share God’s love when we left camp.

This afternoon, it was elective afternoon, and campers chose from pool time, crafts, Camel News Patrol, Down and Out, and a game called, “Rocks.”  It was a fun afternoon!  We also had our All-Camp Activity and played sardines.  Ty, our lifeguard, hid and we all had to find him.  When we did, we had to hide with him.  He hid under a tarp near the Evergreen Center.

For supper tonight, it was like Thanksgiving with turkey and all the trimmings.  After supper, we did skits to show how we will share God’s love with others after we leave camp and share the message of Jesus dying on the cross.  The campers will enjoy a nice evening before bedtime and the possibility of rain overnight and tomorrow.

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