2015 Week 5: Sunday

We started another great week at camp today as we welcomed campers for three new programs:  Junior and Intermediate C.L.A.W.S. (Crafts, Legos, and Wild Sports) and NYC Arts.  The seven girls and one counselors for the trip to New York City will leave tomorrow night to travel to Camp Krislund, a nearby Presbyterian camp.  We are offering this trip in conjunction with them.  The rest of our campers on-site this week will have extra elective times so that they can do more crafts, Legos, wild sports, and even some sewing!

Following registration, we had a wonderful meal of goulash in the dining hall.  And, of course, the Mount Luther tradition of Sunday Sundaes.  Following dinner devotions and learning about our theme for the week, we took our group pictures.

Worship and Campfire tonight was at Blacksnake.  We heard the passages about love from 1 Corinthians 13.  We sang some “love” songs and did a call and response prayer.  We ended worship with the song, “Sanctuary” and sang that as we processed to campfire.  At campfire we met the staff, heard jokes, sang lots of songs, and even heard Chad tell the story of the Purple Panda.

Snack and some more games rounded our our evening.  We have a smaller group than we did last week but we are looking forward to some fun times.

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