2015 Week 4: Tuesday and Wednesday

With 70 kids in camp this week, it’s been a busy one and with the changing weather conditions yesterday, we didn’t post here.  So, let’s play a little catch-up.  Yesterday, our campers learned more about Moses and how God provides for us.  During First Light, we each took a stone and were told to put it into water sometime during the day yesterday.  The stone was to remind us how God made water come out of a stone for Moses.

Because of expected rainfall overnight, our camping trips were altered a little bit.  The groups still cooked out and slept out but stayed close to places where they could get shelter if it rained.  It did rain about 4:00 a.m. and they went to those shelters.

This morning we had a big brunch and then GROW Time with Pastor E.  She told us more about the story of Jonah and how it was to be a Ninevite in those days.  We also wore sackclothes and got ashes put on our foreheads.

This afternoon the campers have been swimming and doing other activities.  Tonight, we will have electives, featuring some nighttime games.  The Night Owls will be staying up a little later tonight and tomorrow morning our breakfast will be a little later as well.

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