BYG Testimonial

2013-11-02 13.51.05

Youth from Messiah, South Williamsport, at last year’s BYG.

Saturday, October 25, 2014, Camp Mount Luther will host a BUILDING YOUTH GROUPS event.  What is BYG?  It is fun community building time.   It it time to gather and reflect on your connection to God and others.  It is time to build relationships.  Oh, and there will be Frisbee Golf and Ropes Course!

The past few years, youth from Messiah Lutheran Church in South Williamsport , have attended this event.  Kathy Wither is the Parish Assistant and Director of Youth and Family Ministries.  She is a big fan of the program.

“The BYG program is well worth the time and money and delivers more than it promises.  Our kids had a great time and can’t wait to go back.  As a bonus, they have built bonds, and from it we have grown a stable youth group who are eager to spend time together and hear the Word.   We’d love to get together with youth from other churches and highly recommend the event!”  Wither said.

Don’t let Kathy down!  Grab some youth and bring them to BYG on October 25!

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