2014 Week 8: Thursday

It was a beautiful day at camp (with the exception of a little rain this afternoon and evening).  We started our day with Stations of the Resurrection for our First Light, learning more about Living in Easter on this day of celebration.  At lunchtime, we talked about how we celebrate with a party, creating our own Easter party.  Tonight at dinner, we learned about how we need to share our gifts with others, even writing down what gifts we see in the people in our cabin group.

We had campfire/worship tonight.  The staff had some cool skits, including one by our own girl band, and a version of Bad Beans that had even the actors cracking up.  Here are some pictures from the campfire:

2014-08-07 17.30.17 2014-08-07 17.30.21 2014-08-07 17.30.26

We even had some special visitors at supper and campfire as staff families were invited to join us for an evening at camp.  Tomorrow is our last day of camp for the summer.  Bishop Robert Driesen of the Upper Susquehanna Synod will be with us for GROW Time and we’ll wrap-up our week and summer.

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