2014 Week 5: Sunday

We are very thankful for another week here at camp during Summer 2014.  Last week was a very busy week, as was evident by the fact that our normal blog writer didn’t get a chance to blog at the end of last week!  But, if you read our weekly Camel Tracks newsletter, you can see we had a great time!

This weekend, our Senior High X-Teen were in camp doing service work.  They cleaned up some campsites, mulched paths, washed windows, and learned more about serving God.  They will continue this work into tomorrow and Tuesday, their last day here, will be a day for them to do the camp activities that they haven’t been able to do yet during their extended stay.

Our Hobby and Sports campers arrived this afternoon.  X-Teen did service work today until this afternoon, when they wanted to watch the World Cup Soccer game, which they did.  We had a great meal of fettuccine for supper!

We worshiped tonight at Christmas Pines, which was cleaned up by the X-Teen campers yesterday.  Pastor Gordon, our chaplain this week, led us in singing and learning more about “Living in God’s Time.”  We even did an alphabet prayer, giving thanks for something from each letter of the alphabet.

Because of some storms, we moved indoors for campfire.  We had a fun time of skits, songs, and staff introductions hosted by our resident Olympic commentators, Adam and Brooke.  The senior high campers had their own activities tonight, but they ended up indoors as well due to the weather.

We all are looking forward to a great week here at camp.  Here is a picture of our indoor campfire!


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