Camp Makes You Whole: Part 2

A  series of posts, highlighting how camp enhances the lives of our campers.

When Lutheran Outdoor Ministry started ascending into the ranks of an important faith formation activity, some camps adopted the idea of a “Four-Fold Life.”  It was an idea that Christians should live a Christ-like life and was based on Luke 2: 52:  “Jesus grew in wisdom and in stature, and in divine and human favor.”  To emulate Christ’s life at camp, campers were (and still are today) enriched mentally, physically, spiritually, and socially.  This month, we will look at how campers are mentally enriched.

Real learning does take place at camp.  Of course, campers learn during GROW Time, but they also learn about their natural surroundings through nature study and living and breathing in God’s creation.  When on the field of play, campers learn sports skills and at arts and crafts they learn techniques such as hand/eye coordination.  Campers have opportunities to meet staff and campers from places and cultures that are different than their own, often singing songs from other traditions and cultures.  They may even learn how to pray out loud at camp, something that many campers have told us first happened at camp.  Staff also work hard to allow campers to try new things and gain some knowledge and skill in areas that they have not yet explored.

Gaining valuable knowledge and stretching one’s mind, opening it up to new possibilities, is one way that camp helps make you whole!

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