Camp Makes You Whole: Part 1

This month, we begin a monthly series of posts, highlighting how camp enhances the lives of our campers.

I recently came across a handwritten note that was given to me in a box of camp memorabilia.  The person who shared it with me attended Mount Luther in the 1960s, but also attended Camp Susquehanna, a forerunner of Camp Mount Luther, which was held at Susquehanna University.  Here is what she wrote:

Camp to me is a place where I can come and fellowship with other young people of the Lutheran church.  This camp is a place where I can worship and play as in God’s presence.  It seems while I am here I feel God’s presence more than any other time.  Probably because we are associating at all times with other Christians.

For five years I have attended camp.  I shall never forget Vespers, campfire, the fun I’ve had nor the friends I’ve made.  Each year when I go home, I feel richer spiritually, physically, and mentally.   

The principles of camp have not changed much in the 50 years since this was written.  In the coming months, we will explore these facets of camp life and how they help make a camper whole.  –Chad Hershberger, Camp Mount Luther Director

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