Week 6: Wednesday and Thursday

It’s been another fun few days during our Christmas in July week.  Our campers returned from their overnights on Wednesday morning and had their traditional brunch.  We sang some more holiday tunes after meals and enjoyed some Christmas-themed electives during the afternoon, including cookie baking, snowball fights, Santa hunting, and more.  Our theme on Wednesday was “prayer.”

Today, our theme was “hospitality” and right from the start, we were reminded at breakfast about how we should treat others and be hospitable to them.  A few counselors demonstrated how not to be hospitable and we heard a story from the Bible that showed us hospitality.  At lunch, we practiced those skills with the kitchen staff and others.

Early this afternoon, we had a special guest.  KJ Reimensnyder-Wagner came and led us in group singing, including some Christmas carols.  We even sang “Jingle Bells” with her:

She concluded her time with us by singing the new “Camp Mount Luther” song she co-wrote for our anniversary celebration this year.

We’ll end our day today with a Christmas-themed All-Camp Activity (The Waiting Game) as well as campfire and a Christmas Eve worship service.  There’s a rumor that there is hot chocolate and cookies in our future as well.  We hope all of you have a great Christmas Eve (in July).

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