Crayola College

In 1991, when I was a counselor at Mount Luther, Meghan Weaver (nee Grindle) and I Crayola Shirtshad the honor of having second grade campers for two weeks in a row.  Because of this unprecedented honor (or at least we thought it was), we created our own college!  I wrote about it for an article in my church newsletter and share it below as a story from Mount Luther’s history!

I am one of only two people who I know who are graduates of Crayola College.  I majored in SWAT Van washing and my friend majored in Sayings Your Mother Said That You Never Thought Would Come Out of Your Mouth.

We had a great time at Crayola College.  It lasted two weeks and we even got an official Crayola College button and T-shirt.  I was even awarded with a Crayola College crown.  Our diplomas are simple– they’re blue with a seal and some writing.  They even came with a protective plastic covering and are signed by the president of the college.

Many of my Crayola Gradsfriends are envious that I am a Crayola College graduate.  They can’t believe that I actually survived the two weeks of intense game playing, coloring, running, storytelling, following, leading, and hokey-pokey playing.  It was a grueling task; but, somebody had to do it.

My Crayola College experience is one that I will never forget.  And sixteen second graders will never forget it when they hear a whistle blow twice (“Run to the pool shed, please!”)  Crayola College was more than an experience– it was an adventure!  –Chad Hershberger, Camp Mount Luther Director

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