We Want Your Camp Stories!

A few years back, I was watching the Winter Olympics on television and had a particularly memorable moment.  It was the first day of the world event and I anxiously awaited the opening ceremonies.  I had my TV on NBC and at 8:00 on that Friday night, the network’s coverage began with a scenic shot of the Utah Mountains (where the Olympics were being held) and to my surprise, a familiar voice narrated the opening sequence.  It was the voice of broadcasting legend Jim McKay. 

Growing up watching the Lake Placid Olympics in 1980, I remember distinctly that voice.  Jim McKay is renowned for his coverage of these modern sporting games.  Hearing his voice once again took me back to the “glory days” that I remembered.  It felt so comfortable to have a trusted voice on the air again. 

Which got me to thinking about tradition and history.  It is important as we move forward to remember our past.  There is so much to learn from it.  And, as we change with the times, I think it’s important that we also don’t forget about the age old traditions that have meant so much to the generations before us.  I’m sure that during their Olympic coverage, NBC used some of the latest advancements in broadcast technology.  But somehow for me, that didn’t really matter.  I was more impressed with a voice from the past, “on loan from ABC” who made me feel that, even in their early days, those Olympics would be something to remember. 

And so, in this our 50th birthday year at Camp Mount Luther, we officially launch this blog, “Stories Around the Campfire.”  I invite you to share with others the stories you remember about your experiences at Camp Mount Luther.  Send them to me at chad@campmountluther.org and we’ll share them here, as we all gather around the campfire to tell stories and sing songs of days gone by at Mount Luther!  –Chad Hershberger, Camp Mount Luther Director  

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