2020 Week 4: Tuesday

It’s our last full day of Summer 2020.  After breakfast, we had our final Facebook Live First Light and kicked off our day learning about Paul, Timothy, Lydia, and YOU!  The staff spent the morning finishing up some service projects.

This afternoon, we took time out to play some Ultimate Frisbee, after the rains cleared:



Tonight, after Live Campfire/Worship, our staff will engage in traditional end-of-summer activities including awards and a slide show of photos of our three weeks together.  Tomorrow, we’ll wrap-up with brunch and closing worship.  It’s been a great three weeks with fantastic young adults doing leadership, service, and more as part of an unusual Summer 2020.

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2020 Week 4: Monday

A beautiful day in our neighborhood today as we are winding down our three weeks with the staff.  Today was Day 4 of our Virtual CML, focusing on the story of Mary, Jesus’ mother. We kicked off the day with Facebook Live First Light including a reading of the story as well as some songs.

Our staff did service work this morning, cleaning up from yesterday’s festivities and finishing up a couple of projects.  We took time this afternoon to play the new Nine Square in the Air, work on some future camp planning, and a few played Kuub!

Tonight, it was our latest campfire/worship on Facebook live!  We had skits, songs, stories, and did our worship for the day.  Tonight, the staff has a graduation ceremony planned.  We are doing this for several of our college graduates who did not get a proper in-person graduation this spring!


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2020 Week 4: Sunday

It was a fantastic day at camp as we were able to welcome people here for our Spaghetti Takeout Supper and Outdoor Worship.  About 90 people ordered supper and about 80 people were here for worship and the staff loved it!

The staff gathered this afternoon and heard some opening words by Maddie and a song that she played for us to reflect on our theme of “Blessed to be a Witness.”  We then got ready for the day’s activities.

Three Senior High campers came to have a mini-reunion and play Frisbee Golf.  Folks started arriving for supper just before 5:00 and everything went well, even with COVID precautions.

At worship, our staff led the worshippers in a few songs, responses, and prayer.  Bishop Barbara J. Collins of the Upper Susquehanna Synod preached and reminded us that the staff are the church of today, not tomorrow.  She reminded all of us how important it is to pass down the faith from generation to generation.

Tomorrow we have Virtual CML, Day 4, and will be learning more about Mary, the mother of Jesus.  This week is a short week, as we wrap up our time together on Wednesday.


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2020 Week 3: Thursday and Friday

Our staff continue their work at camp for this summer.  Our second day of virtual camp kicked off Thursday with Facebook Live First Light and activities posted on our website.  We closed out the day with a very contemplative worship service, also broadcast on Facebook Live.

Throughout the day, we did some other fun things like Frisbee Golf and Nuke ‘Em ball.  We spent some significant time talking about leadership styles and also started envisioning what camp will look like after the pandemic.

On Friday, we worked on service projects in the morning, including building our new Nine Square in the Air court, which we can use when campers return!  We continued looking at leadership and planning topics and got ready for Sunday, when we will welcome folks for a Take Out Spaghetti Supper and Outdoor Worship.

We only have a few more days left together but we are excited for all those who are taking part in Virtual CML and who will be joining us on Sunday!


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2020 Week 3: Wednesday

We enjoyed kicking off our day with Facebook Live First Live.  That will be on our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/mountluther every morning at 9:00 during Virtual CML.  The response to last night’s campfire was awesome, too, and we appreciate all of you who are participating.

The staff spent the morning getting the Amphitheater and the Pavilion ready for Sunday’s Take Out Dinner and Outdoor Worship.  We also were treated a lemonade stand by our cook, Toni’s, granddaughter.

After lunch, we finished up some service projects and spent some time learning some new camp songs, games, and other activities.

Tonight, we had a worship service around the campfire and we decided that we are going to add another live campfire/worship on Monday night.  Stay tuned!

2020-07-29 16.06.52

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2020 Week 3: Tuesday

Staff slept in a little bit as they finished up their overnight at Blacksnake.  We gathered for a fantastic brunch and mapped out our day as this was the opening day of Virtual CML.

Following some planning, we had time to discuss how our young adults felt in the church and how their voices could be heard.  We also did some leadership training on consensus building, doing an activity “Get As Much As You Can” and discussing what happened during the game afterwards.

Following our daily chores of bathroom cleaning and supper, tonight the staff hosted our very first Facebook Live campfire.  It was a lot of fun and you can view it here:  https://www.facebook.com/watch/live/?v=1400729176784334&ref=watch_permalink

Tomorrow is our first full day of Virtual CML.  Check out all the fun at www.campmountluther.org/coronavirus

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Week 3: Sunday and Monday

The counselors are all snug in their hammocks tonight as they overnight at Blacksnake.  Tomorrow, we kick off Virtual CML.  Activities will be posted around noon and our first live event will be on Facebook at 7:00 p.m. when we present a campfire/worship service.

These past two days have been full of preparations for virtual camp.  We’ve been doing some final filming and editing of videos.  We also realize that our internet at camp is slow!  But, the staff have done a fantastic job and we are excited to share what we developed.

We’ve finished up the last two days on our training theme of “Blessed to be a Witness” as we look at ways we can show God’s love in the world.  We talked about peace yesterday and joy today.

We also had some time to have some fun and played a few holes of Frisbee Golf  (shown below) yesterday and started to work on our new Nine Square in the Air court as well.

Join us tomorrow for Virtual CML’s Opening Day!

2020-07-26 15.16.44



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2020 Week 2: Thursday and Friday

Our staff again have been so busy getting ready for Virtual CML that we didn’t blog last night.  Here is a recap of the end of our first full-week of Summer 2020.

Following breakfast Thursday, we kicked off our study of Joseph with First Light.  Then, we began a personal silent morning retreat.  Staffers spent the morning in prayer, meditation, reading, writing, and walking to reground themselves.

Afternoon activities including using some time to get more preparations done for next week and also taking a Bible Hike on our new “Journey with Jesus” Trail, which will be debuted next summer when we welcome campers back.  Our evening was filled with worship, more virtual prep, and a campfire.

Today, we are celebrating Christmas in July!  We had a sleep-in day and a Christmas brunch with delicious breakfast wraps.  We heard a new re-telling of “Twas the Night Before Christmas” and received Christmas gifts from Santa.  After working on more virtual camp, we performed a special service project before wrapping up the week.

After a sabbath day, we will work again on Sunday afternoon, putting the final touches on Virtual CML, which kicks off on Tuesday.  All the details at http://www.campmountluther/coronavirus.  Here is a picture of our Christmas festivities!

2020-07-24 12.30.32


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2020 Week 2: Wednesday

The staff enjoyed a day to sleep-in as they slept outside in their hammocks last night.  We started our day together with First Light, learning more about Abraham and Sarah.  We drew chalk drawings of times when we were afraid when we didn’t know life’s destination.  Following brunch, we did real-life timelines to talk about times that were good and bad that God was with us.

The afternoon was filled with preparations for next week’s Virtual CML.  We also talked about how keeping ourselves physically strong will help us in our quest to be better disciples.

Following a delicious supper of beef and noodles, we did dinner devotions, drawing pictures of our favorite vacation spots.  Worship tonight was filmed so you’ll be able to see that next week!

We have finished our first week of this summer’s camp.  Two more weeks to go.  It’s been great to be together as staff this first week.   Here’s a picture of us filming worship:

2020-07-22 19.13.31

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2020 Week 2: Monday and Tuesday

What a busy two days it has been for our summer staff.  So busy that we didn’t have time to blog last night!  So, you get a report of two days instead of one.

Yesterday, after breakfast, we worked together to finish up creating a new system of paths in Maple Village.  It looks fantastic!  We also studied the fourth day of our curriculum, dealing with Mary and learning more about Mary’s response when God told her she was pregnant with Jesus.

In the afternoon, we cleaned, scrubbed, swept, mopped, and organized the Evergreen Center Activities Room and the camping cellar.  We even took a break to run through a sprinkler during this very hot afternoon.  The evening was filled with learning more about our role as witnesses and making a difference as well as watching the Disney movie, “Up,” tying it into our staff training theme.  We closed out the night with field worship.

Today, we learned more about the priesthood of all believers, the Triune God, and the characters in the New Testament of Paul, Timothy, and Lydia.  We also spend more time developing our Virtual CML which starts one week from today.  Our staff will be cooking and camping out tonight, enjoying God’s great outdoors.

Here is a picture of our curriculum theme graphic and verse that is hanging in the dining hall:

2020-07-21 13.26.28


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