2019 Week 1: Wednesday

Wednesday our overnight Scooby Doo campers returned from their overnight at Oak Cottage which they greatly enjoyed! Our day campers arrived at their normal time and got right into the action with fun, games, and crafts!

We had brunch which was delicious and learned about how God calls us to be compassionate to one another so that we can transform community. After all camp GROW time it was time for the electives afternoon which was enjoyed by all. This week the afternoon featured crafts, pool, a camel hunt, chalk art, sandcastle building, and camel news patrol!

We had a fun filled dinner which featured a few of our favorite camp songs played on the guitar by staff members! Although the week has been rainy, we are all in good spirits and enjoying our time here at Camp Mount Luther! CML is the sunniest place on earth, rain or shine!

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2019 Week 1: Tuesday

We kicked off our morning learning about Inclusion and how Jesus includes everyone. Soon after, the rain decided to take a little break and allow us some time to enjoy the outdoors and play games! After a delicious taco lunch, we read aloud all of the clues that the campers had found. We have some mysterious clues and very few suspects after today. Hopefully, we can find more clues tomorrow to find out who the Swashbuckling Pirate really is! Once our day campers departed, our Junior/Intermediate Scooby Doo campers headed out for their overnight. Since it was most likely going to rain they decided to stay the night at Oak Cottage. Finishing off the night with worship and S’mores sounds like a great night!

Tomorrow our Day Campers will return and hopefully find some more clues! We have the afternoon filled with electives and fun activities for the campers to enjoy.

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2019 Week 1: Sunday and Monday

Camp has started! As our campers arrived on Sunday the Summer Staff was eager to welcome our first campers of the summer. After dinner on Sunday we went to the pavilion for campfire and worship! At the campfire we learned about the Swashbuckling Pirate who is hanging out here at camp and is at the center of our Scooby Doo mystery. After a good evening of songs, skits, and stories we all went back to the Evergreen Center for Sunday sundaes.

Monday was the first day for our day campers who brought all sorts of fun energy to camp! Campers learned about the early church and how their generosity can transform their communities. Campers enjoyed crafts, indoor games (to stay out of the rain), and they still went to the pool!!!

Tomorrow some of our campers will go on their overnight and more clues will be found to help unravel the mystery of the Swashbuckling Pirate!

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2018 Week 8: Tuesday

It’s our last day of camp for the summer!  Today, our mini campers, day campers, and bikers have one final day of fun and learning about God’s love.  Tonight, they will leave and our staff will have one final night together, participating in their annual Hershee Awards.  Tomorrow, our staff will eat brunch, have closing worship and depart from our terrific summer together.  Read about our final days in the last Camel Tracks for the summer:  https://www.campmountluther.org/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/2018-Week-8-Camel-Tracks.pdf

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2018 Week 8: Monday PM

After lunch campers went to the pool, played in the sand, went swimming and our biking campers biked all the way to Amy’s for ice cream! They got back around 4 and had an awesome time. We had some delicious beef and noodles for dinner followed by whoopie pie cake for dessert! We all played sardines after dinner in the field and it was humid and buggy but everyone still had fun! Afterward, campers continued to play games and some played in the sand. Some staff and pastors played disc golf before snack. It’s hard to believe it’s the last night of the week/summer! Tomorrow its going to be a wonderful yet sad day as we wrap up the summer.

Tomorrow the Tour de Creme campers will bike to another place for ice cream and everyone else is going to have a fun day here at camp!

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2018 Week 8: Sunday and Monday Morning

This week is a new experiment in our camp schedule, as we are closing out our summer camping season with a half week of Mini-Pioneers, Mini-Juniors, and our Tour de Crème bicycling adventure.  Plus, we have two days of “Pick-A-Day” Day Camp.  We are excited to welcome nearly 30 kids to camp this week!

We gathered on Sunday, and after supper and our group photo, we had a “mini” All-Camp Activity for dinner devotions where campers went around finding staff members, who had clues to fill in the story of Noah’s Ark.  We learned that God’s awesome love is a promise.  We continued to hear about Noah at campfire/worship, when we sang a song “Hey Hey Mon” which mentioned Noah.  One of our chaplains, Rue, talked about God’s awesome love through the story of the Transfiguration.  It was also a “messy campfire,” with staff having to eat and wear whipped cream during staff introductions, Noah and Zack having to wear eggs, and a mighty midgets skit that was, well, messy!  Campers were also recognized for how many years they have attended camp.

On Monday morning, most groups went to crafts, the Tour de Crème bikers went swimming, and the Pick-A-Days were seen playing volleyball.  Some staff put new wood chips on our path to Pine Village, too, which was quite muddy after the recent rains.

We’ll hopefully have another report later today and a wrap-up of our mini-week tomorrow!

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2018 Week 7: Thursday and Friday

On Thursday our SURE campers went on an adventure to Wesley Forest where they were able to participate in a creek hike! They all really seemed to enjoy the experience and have been thoroughly enjoying their experience surviving and learning about the outdoors.

We all learned about Nicodemus and his midnight search for Jesus. For our all camp we played a version of capture the flag where they found bible verses in the night and escaped the Pharisees and Sadducees that Nicodemus was hiding from in the night.

During campfire, each cabin group developed some wonderful skits that we all enjoyed. The Staff put on some skits, we heard the story of the Wide Mouthed Frog and sang some songs.

Today the campers go home but we have so many great memories to take with us.  You can read more about our week at camp in our Camel Tracks newsletter for the week, available here:  https://www.campmountluther.org/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/2018-Week-7-Camel-Tracks.pdf

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