2017 Week 8: Thursday and Friday

We close out our last week of camp for the summer with some fun activities, including a camel scavenger hunt, a messy campfire and a worship service half outside and half inside!  Read all about our last days of camp and a recap of the week in Camel Tracks:


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2017 Week 8: Tuesday & Wednesday

On Tuesday, we had a nontraditional overnight night, where instead of cooking out, we ate a normal dinner of tacos before heading out to our camping spots. In the morning, the Nature Detectives went on a camel hunt and saw five camels! The junior base camp played parachute games. For the overnight, the junior LOGIC used Peace of God, a campsite recently redone by X-teen. SURE used the shelter they built on Monday, while Nature Detectives went to the Adirondacks behind Pine Village!

Wednesday was a good day to sleep in, as everyone had to head inside early from the overnight due to an unforeseen storm. The unfortunate weather pattern continued as some electives had to be moved inside (sidewalk chalk survived, however–see the final product below). The evening was much nicer, which LOGIC spent canoeing and SURE spent raft-building, both at the pond. sidewalk chalk

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2017 Week 8: Monday

Today was full of many different activities! The Pick-A-Day day campers got a taste of an average day at camp–crafts, games, pool time, and worship! The Nature Detectives went on a nature hike after lunch and explored using their magnifying glasses. They also went out to the pond for some fishing and worship in the evening.

Both groups of juniors had busy days full of crafts, pool, and more! The junior base camp started out the day with nature time, where they learned about how animals use their senses in the wild. Junior LOGIC also went out to the pond after dinner, where they will have worship and make banana boats.

The SURE intermediates started their project for the week–building a shelter in the woods near Pine Lodge, where they intend to sleep almost every night this week. More details to come! They will end their day with a field worship.

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2017 Week 8: Sunday

After being at off-site day camps last week, we gathered once again for the last week of the summer. This week we are sharing our camp with Camp Setebaid, a diabetes camp. Many different camping groups arrived this afternoon, most of them nature-themed! They include Nature Detectives (pioneers), LOGIC (Living Outside in God’s Incredible Creation, juniors), junior base camp, SURE (Surviving Using Resources of the Environment, intermediates), along with a group of interns. Tomorrow, there will also be Pick-Your-Days day campers joining us.

After dinner and songs, we played a few all-camp games before having campfire in front of the A-Center. The evening continued with Sundae Sundays and some get-to-know-you games before bed.

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2017 Week 6: Thursday & Friday

We’ve had a great week doing crafts, Legos, and wild sports! You can catch up on the rest of our week here:

07 Week 5 Camel Tracks

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2017 Week 6: Tuesday & Wednesday

On Tuesday, we had two more CLAWS electives! Each time slot, campers could choose to do crafts, Legos, or a wild sport! The day campers played parachute games and did crafts. Later on, the CLAWS campers prepared for their overnights at Twin Creeks and Blacksnake.

Wednesday began with brunch, as usual, and then was followed by GROW time with Pastor John Yost, which featured the story of the woman at the well. Then there were even more CLAWS electives!  The wild sports this time included Frisbee golf. After dinner, the campers gathered to watch the Lego Batman movie.


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2017 Week 6: Monday

In addition to our junior and intermediate CLAWS campers, today we had some younger campers join us for Pick-Your-Days Day Camp. They got to experience some of the best parts of camp, just in day camp form! This morning, they went to the craft lodge and did field games. Later, the day campers had time to swim and then had worship.

We had some CLAWS campers come from Camp Krislund today as well. There were elective slots both before and after lunch, in which campers could do crafts, sew, play water polo, build with Legos, or try some wild sports! Things got “wild” in Frizalle this morning (pictured below). The rest of the afternoon was spent at the pool, with an evening of more crafts and field games to look forward to!


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