2017 Week 2: Thursday

Our blog is being posted Thursday afternoon this week, as many of our campers are at the pool.  Some of our day campers are spending the night tonight, trying out what it’s like to be an overnight camper.

The kids have figured out the who and what in our Scooby Doo mystery.  They know that Kyle, who works on our maintenance team, is the one feeding the Loch Ness Camel.  He’s feeding him Fruit Loops, but we haven’t quite figured out why yet.

Some groups did craft time this morning and nature time.  Tonight, we’ll have a Scooby Doo Clue Game and our usual Thursday night campfire and worship.  We plan to go to the amphitheatre tonight.

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2017 Week 2: Wednesday

It was another busy day at camp, as we had our usual brunch and elective afternoon for Wednesday.  However, we flip-flopped GROW Time and electives so it was just a little different.

After a filling brunch, we had electives.  The thunder kept us out of the pool for part of the time, but we also did crafts, Camel News Patrol, sidewalk chalk, coloring, Frisbee Golf, and some other games.  We had GROW Time with Pastor Tom who led us on a scavenger hunt before we learned about the story of the Woman at the Well.  We also sang some songs as part of GROW Time.

Our Rock, Raft, and Roll campers are back in camp, having come back to Krislund a day early due to rainy weather in Western PA.  They had a good time and still managed to do all three activities (rock climb, raft, and bicycle).  They didn’t take showers for a few days, but surprisingly they did not smell!

Another fun day is on the way for tomorrow!

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2017 Week 2: Tuesday

It was a beautiful day at camp today- very pleasant with a nice breeze and low humidity.  The breeze was a nice addition as we talked about the Holy Spirit descending down when Jesus was baptized as we talked about how through baptism we belong to God as one of God’s children.  At First Light this morning, we played “telephone” and talked about how John, the Baptist, had a message to share.  At Lunch and Learn, we drew chalk drawings to remind us of this important Biblical story.

Our Day Campers were back today and did lots of fun things.  They had crafts, got to swim today (finally after missing out yesterday due to thunder) and played with the parachute.  The juniors played Gaga Ball.  The intermediates have been keeping busy, too.  They will be camping out tonight at the Turkey Feeder while pioneers are at the Bottom of the Field and juniors go to Blacksnake.

We also worked on the mystery today, eliminating more suspects and starting to figure out what food the Loch Ness Camel is being fed.  The kids are finding the clues around camp and are always on the lookout for a new development in the mystery.

Last we heard from our RRR campers last night, they were enjoying some biking but they did get some storms come through Ohiopyle.  They were scheduled to do some rafting today.

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2017 Week 2: Monday

Our first full day of the week was a busy one, as we continually dodged raindrops throughout the day (until this evening when the sun is shining)!  Our Scooby Doo Day Campers arrived this morning and started their week at camp.  Our theme today was all about creation as we continued to learn about “The Water of Life.”

At lunch, we were introduced to our mystery for the week, “The Mystery of the Loch Ness Camel.”  We learned that someone is feeding the Loch Ness Camel in our pond but we have to figure out who, why, and what he or she is feeding the creature.  We looked for clues this afternoon and several were found.

Our Rock, Raft, and Roll campers left today and are safely in Ohiopyle.  We had to adjust the trip slightly due to the rain, but they are enjoying an evening of sunshine in Western PA.

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2017 Week 2: Sunday

It’s our first full week of campers and we are excited to get our summer REALLY started!  Our Scooby Doo Pioneers, Juniors, and Intermediates arrived this afternoon, got to know one another, took their swim tests, and had a great first meal of lasagna (both regular and vegetable.)

After group pictures it was time to go to the pond for campfire and worship.  Tara and James led them through several mysteries during campfire but we were all good detectives and figured them out.  We even sang the song “Little Piece of Tin” and you can see part of it in the video below.


At worship, we learned more about the “Water of Life” theme, helping three staff remember their baptisms with some sprinkling of water on their heads.  The day ended with Sunday Sundaes, a Mount Luther tradition.  Our mystery will be revealed tomorrow when our Day Campers arrive.  Also this week, we have three staff doing a “night” camp at Salem Lutheran Church, Selinsgrove.

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2017 Week 1: Thursday

It’s the final day of our first camp week.  It’s a short week, as our staff will be attending the Upper Susquehanna Synod Assembly tomorrow.

Last night, the bikers and fishermen spent the night at Wesley Forest, our ministry partner about 20 minutes from Mount Luther. They are a camp affiliated with the United Methodist Church.  The fishermen fished in Penn’s Creek (but tell us they did not catch anything) and at Wesley Forest’s pond.  The bikers cycled on the trails around Wesley Forest.  They had a great time.

Today, we had brunch when they arrived back here and then all-camp GROW time.  They spent the afternoon going on a camel hunt and swimming.  They will leave tonight after supper and a short sending service.

Next week, we’ll highlight this week and next as our weekly Camel Tracks newspaper debuts for the summer.  Be on the lookout for more blog posts and the newsletter next week!

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2017 Week 1: Wednesday

It’s quiet in camp this morning as our campers are on their overnight trip to Wesley Forest, our ministry partner affiliated with the Methodist Church.  They are located along Penn’s Creek and our fishermen are going to be fishing and doing a stream study at the creek this afternoon.  They are also going to do some fishing on their pond.

The bikers are also there today and will be doing a six-mile ride to a tunnel near Weikert near the Mid State Trail.  Both groups are staying overnight at Wesley Forest.

Our other staff will be venturing into the Bald Eagle State Forest for their overnight at Buffalo Gap tonight.

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