Gearing Up for Summer 2017

Ask yourself this:  When was the last time you played in the woods at night or slept outside and stared at the stars?  As the cold winds of winter blow, isn’t it nice to think about lying in a field, staring at the starlit night, as a warm summer breeze blows over your body?  Now is the time to think about being part of the Camp Mount Luther’s summer programs in the coming year.  The brochure for Summer 2017 has been published to the camp’s website ( in the summer camp section.

This year’s summer camp season will begin on June 11 and run until August 4.  There are programs for all ages from preschool to senior high, and also for adults and families.  Camp Mount Luther is a special place where kids and families come together to grow with God and serve with smiles!  Camp provides a safe place for people of all ages to relax and unwind in nature, discover God’s love, sing around the campfire, learn more about themselves, and make new friends while at the same time being renewed in mind and spirit.

We hope you’ll join us for one of our summer programs this year, whether you are a child or a kid at heart!

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2016 Week 8: Thursday and Friday

We had such a busy day yesterday that we did not have time to blog about what happened.  But, we do have this week’s Camel Tracks newsletter, highlighting our week together.  It’s been a great summer at Camp Mount Luther!  Our staff wrap-up their work tonight and tomorrow and will depart for the season.  Thanks for all who support our outdoor ministry!  Here’s the link to this week’s newspaper:

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2016 Week 8: Wednesday

We’ve had a fun day at camp today.  We started with breakfast and First Light and the groups did their own activities until 11:00 when we had our first elective session.  Then, after lunch and talking about Jesus and boundaries, we had our other two elective sessions, which included crafts, Camel News Patrol, swimming, and other activities.

Rock, Raft, and Roll went kayaking today on Spruce Creek at a slalom course that is used by future Olympians!

Late this afternoon, we had an All-Camp Wizard of Oz activity, where campers and staff had to find the characters from the Land of Oz and collect treasures.  Staff members played the characters, including the flying monkeys who took away treasures.  It was fun!

Tonight, the groups will do activities after supper as we continue our Base Camp Week.

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2016 Week 8: Tuesday

Our week continued today with a look at how Jesus meets us in the neighbor.  We welcomed our Pick-Your-Days Day Campers again and the campers enjoyed camp games, crafts, swimming, and even a soccer match this afternoon.

Our Rock, Raft, and Roll campers are headed out to Krislund tonight to stay overnight and go kayaking tomorrow.  Our other campers are having a campfire with s’mores tonight and may even sleep out under the stars.


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2016 Week 8: Monday

Today, we learned more about how Jesus meets us by looking at the story of the woman and the well.  During dinner devotions, we even gathered by the pool and were reminded of our baptism.  At lunchtime, we learned about how Jesus is everywhere, wherever we go.

This morning, we welcomed our Pick-Your-Days Day Campers!  They arrive and got right into it with their counselors, Phoebe, Tori, and Sean.  Other campers did team building activities, including one with a hula hoop and marbles.  The gaga ball pit was also used this morning.

Some thunder chased most of our campers out of the pool this afternoon.  They played other games on the lawn of the A-Center.  The thunder even messed up our Rock, Raft, and Roll canoeing on the pond.

Tonight, the Rock, Raft, and Roll campers are biking to a local ice cream establishment.  It’s been a good day at camp!

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2016 Week 8: Sunday

We started our final week of the 2016 summer season today, welcoming our Base Campers.  They do not go on an overnight camping trip this week.  We also have the Setabaid Diabetic Camp here this week.  Camp Mount Luther’s campers are in Pine Village and Setabaid has Maple Village with all of us eating in the Evergreen Center.

After a spaghetti supper, we took our group photo and head to the first stop for our campfire/worship.  Because of weather, we moved three times!  We started at the Amphitheatre and tonight’s campfire was a messy one, with staff introductions being “Eat It Or Wear It” and a lot of messy skits were done, too.  The wind began to pick up and we heard some thunder, so we went to the pavilion and recognized our first time campers and sang two songs.  We got word of a severe thunderstorm warning so we headed to Evergreen, arriving just before the downpours.  We finished worship there and then had our traditional Sunday Sundaes.

We are thankful for the rain that is watering our earth right now.  It’s been a dry summer and we are grateful that the ground is getting some nourishment.

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2016 Week 6: Friday

It’s our last day of Night Owl week and the kids sure did have a lot of fun this week.  You can read all about it in this week’s edition of Camel Tracks, available here:

One of Camel News Patrol members did some comics for this week’s newspaper.  Due to space, we were unable to print it in the newsletter.  Here is what Isaiah Hulme drew in a new comic strip Camel Man:

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